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On-Hold Marketing System - Rates and Options

Each On-Hold Marketing System comes complete and ready for immediate use. Systems are available for single as well as multi telephones lines. Our standard recordings are six minutes in duration, with up to four separate message topics.

This complete system includes:

  • Concept
  • Studio Production
  • Script Writing
  • Programming of MOH Unit
  • Voice Talent
  • Travelling
  • Royalty-Paid Music
  • Installation of MOH Unit

Single site

One-time fee to produce and install service plus a one-year advertising contract payable annually or monthly. This includes the use of our state-of-the-art digital MOH unit and royalty-paid music.

The contract also includes:

  • Installation of one (1) promotional advertisement per year
  • Free relocation of the equipment to a new office location
  • Quarterly sound-quality checks by our audio technicians

Multiple Site Rates

You will receive a discount for multiple installations. This discount is based on the number of sites and type of telephone system.

Although this is a one-year advertising contract, the customer may request a new recording at any time.