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On-Hold Marketing System - More Information


  • Copyrighted royalty-paid background music
  • Long-term technical support from a reputable company
  • No breakdowns caused by wear and tear on moving parts
  • Carrier rate of telephone line will not affect sound quality
  • Projects professionalism and enhances your company‚Äôs image

Our Services:

  1. Script-writing
  2. Royalty-paid music
  3. Studio Production
  4. System installation
  5. On-Time, On-Call, Round-the Clock support
  6. Warranty- System replaced in 48 hours

Our Equipment:

  • Digital System for recording & playback
  • Resets immediately after power failure
  • Records over six minutes information
  • Stores information on a microchip
  • Connects to any telephone system
  • Loops automatically