Profitability starts here.

Although it is generally agreed that human capital is the most important factor in business, it is most often the area that accounts for the least amount of developmental expenditure. Generally vast sums of money are spent on physical resources, neglecting the development of the human capital.

Below are some basic articles explaining certain critical elements of human behaviour and development. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Human Emotional Needs

We have heard parents say "Ignore him. He just wants attention." To me this is similar to saying, "Don't feed him. He is just hungry."

Feelings Explained 

  • Why do I feel unloved?
  • Why do I attract the wrong type of person and stay in unhealthy relationships?
  • Why do I feel so hopeless?

These feelings explained, and more...

Dealing with depression

Depression may be thought of as secondary emotion. By this I mean that there are other feelings which contribute to and cause it. more...