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Testing Instruments

Delta Personal Development Centre is the leader in life-work planning and learning systems. Through a wide selection of assessments, we have helped students develop and make a smooth transition from school to work. Our assessments are designed to measure aptitude, interest, and preference.

From each assessment a report is generated and this profile is a view of the child’s unique personality type. This knowledge becomes the basis on which effective strategies are employed by parents and teachers to aid the child’s overall development.

The samples below were taken from five of our instruments:

  1. Check the statements you agree with
    - I prefer to hear a book on tape rather than reading it.
    - My room, desk or house is usually disorganised.
    - I like sports and I think I am a pretty good athlete
    - I love to write letters or write in a diary or journal
  2. Would you prefer a
    a) a practical subject e.g. History or Mathematics
    b) a theoretical subject e.g. English Literature or Spanish/French
  3. Would you prefer a teacher who is
     a) gentle and caring
     b) logical and fair
  4. Write 2 on the line if the statement next to it is very true of you; write 1 if the statement is mostly true of you or write 0 if the statement does not describe you.

    _____ I like to study and solve math or science problems.
    _____ I use my imagination and I am independent
  5. My watch is 6 minutes fast and the train which should have arrived at my station at 11:30 a.m. was five minutes late. What time was it by my watch when the train arrived?
    - 11:41 a.m.
    - 11:40 a.m.
    - 11:38 a.m.  
    - 11:44 a.m.  
    - 11:39 a.m.  
    - I Don’t Know
  6. In order to run some programmes, Mr. Walker will have to add memory to his computer. Memory chips, which contain 1 million bytes of memory, cost $43.00 each. The computer now has 2 million bytes of memory, but Mr. Walker needs 8 million bytes. How much will it cost to add the memory chip he needs?
        a. $344.00     b. $258.00     c. $98.00     d. $248.00