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Who is Delta for? How does it work?

Delta, helping children become the best they can be.

Delta is a confidence based system that helps to develop a self-assured child who will perform at higher levels in and out of school.

The system is based on affirmation, objectivity and encouragement. Our system guarantees a motivated, self-assured child with high self-esteem and an even higher confidence level.

Through several assessments and learning programmes we work with your child’s:

  1. Dominant Intelligence
  2. Natural Oriantation
  3. Learning Preference
  4. Skills

This integrated approach to child development will lead to a happier child and proud stress-free parents. 

Have you ever wondered… ‘This is not my child… They must have swapped my child at the hospital?’

Then the Delta Learning System is definitely for you. We will help you understand and motivate your child to higher levels of performance.